Monday, November 26, 2012

Cookbooks: Do You Have a Favorite?

I have such an affection for cookbooks. I've acquired a nice collection and am always finding myself in the cooking section at Barnes & Noble. My newest obsession has been to find a vegetarian cookbook to provide inspiration for replacing the same-old, same-old pasta, rice and potatoes.

Three on my "wishlist" include:

Megan and I first came across this cookbook during one of my B&N browsing sessions. I loved how the recipes included ingredients I might actually own!

I have a habit of taking my daughters to Trader Joe's and wasting many a Sunday there. Bridget enjoys the fresh fruits and vegetables and I love stocking up on the frozen veggies. Meg just comes along to have the coffee and walk aimlessly up and down the aisles. Who doesn't love an afternoon at Trader Joe's?!

What a wonderful movement encouraged by Paul and his daughters! I had the opportunity to flip through this cookbook and have to admit that the pictures are as pleasing as the recipes. Another cookbook definitely on my wishlist.

So what's your favorite cookbook? Are you asking Santa for good old fashioned recipes?

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  1. Moosewood Cooks at Home - love, love, love this cookbook. Risotto with pesto & tomatoes is fabulous!

    Miss you - lets get together over the holidays!!