Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleveland Browns Uniform Reveal

The players were so kind when we jumped in the picture - what a great evening!

As soon as she saw Pumpkinhead, B asked for a picture.  He was so sweet to immediately pose with her.  Thank you, Pumpkinhead!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Hubs

To celebrate his birthday in style, B and I treated Greg to the Butcher & the Brewer for dinner and great seats at the Cavs game.  Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pink Is Our Favorite Color

Years ago when Meg was little, we would frequent this diner in Athens because they had great grilled cheese sandwiches and fun names for their crayons. She loved Tickle Me Pink and Marvelous (but you have to pronounce it like Billy Crystal during his SNL days).  These colors came out well before OPI nail colors were popular.  I came across an assortment of "pink" crayons while coloring with Bridget and was reminded of that old diner and their clever crayon colors.

You look mauvelous, dahling, simply mauvelous!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Vancouver Aquarium

On our final full day, we visited the Vancouver Aquarium as our little treat to B.  She had been such a good sport going to a cold location for her Spring break.  We must have heard it twenty times, "Everyone is going to the beach on their Spring break, but MY parents think that skiing and being cold is our Spring break."  I'm pretty sure that seeing the whales, jelly fish, octopus, fish, and other sea life made up for the "cold" weather vacation location!
Vancouver Aquarium where the jelly fish were electric!

Even the fish were sad that Megan wasn't with us :(

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Peak2Peak Daytripping

Day three in Whistler and our first adventure took us on the Peak2Peak Gondola Ride connecting Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.  The views were simply breathtaking.  We even enjoyed lunch at the top, which was a nice little break.

Next, we decided to check out the Olympic Center to see the skeleton and bobsled in action.  This was on Greg's list - no way would I be traveling on my back at 90+kph!  Unfortunately, the center was booked for a private party, but we were still allowed to go up to the top and watch.  Wow, so cool.

Olympic village and winning the gold!
Amazing views from the Peak2Peak gondola ride - a must do on this trip!

My fun "pair" on the mountain during our gondola stop.

Learning the skeleton at the Olympic Center.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bike Riding Around Whistler

Day two at Whistler and B decided to spend the day with me while Greg tackled the slopes again.  We went bike riding around the lake and she even tried out the motocross bike course!

This kid is always up for an adventure!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Great Little Ski Town

Whistler is now tied with Breckenridge as my favorite ski town.  Loved how small and charming it is.  So easy to navigate and an unbelievable number of activities for the non-skier (that's me).

First full day at Whistler, Greg and B decided to head up the mountain and enjoy a day of skiing.  Because this was early April, there was unfortunately no snow at the base of the mountain.  Usually, this is not the case in Whistler as they have snow till mid-April.  They enjoyed a full day of skiing while I headed off to entertain myself.  First on my list was a nice long run/walk.  I was treated to a magnificent day, sunny day with temps in the mid-50s.  I was easily able to squeeze in my 10,000 steps and meet my Fitbit goal.  Before meeting them at the ski lift, I popped in to the best little coffee shop for a latte (it really was little - 4 foot walkway and about 20 feet deep.  While waiting for them to end their day of skiing, I sat outside, drank my latte, and closed my eyes taking in the sunshine.  What a wonderful way to spend the first day in the mountains.

Mid-50s for skiing and they didn't have to layer on the clothes.  Beautiful views from my run.

A bit of an intrepid smile, but she loved her day on the slopes.

Megan, you would have enjoyed this cup and the sunshine that came with it!