Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday's Race

LOCO Racing put on the Stowe8-miler race. They are the same group that organized (loosely worded) the Maine Half Marathon race I ran back in November. Thank goodness, from my past experience, I ran this race with my hand-held water bottle. The race started with temps in the low 80s with little to no shade and they didn't have the first water stop till almost 2.5 miles into the course. When I arrived, the few volunteers announced that we runners needed to take only what we need because they were almost out of water! Are you kidding me? It's not that hard to plan liquids for 1,000 overheated runners. Sadly, this was the first race that I saw 2 runners being treated for heat-related issues mid-course. I slowed my pace down by 30 seconds per mile and still felt the effects of the sun. The finish line was disappointing, consisting of warm bottles of water, half bananas, and sample bags of Bare Naked granola (which I do like). The redeeming part is that the town of Stowe is simply amazing. We cannot say enough good things about the wealth of activities, shopping and dining that can be found in Stowe as well as the incredible hospitality of the town. So a big YAY that Vermont is done!

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  1. ah man, you and I could organize a race way better than that! But, alas, it was wonderful Stowe so apparently all is forgiven.

    Way to go in knocking out 2 New England states in one week!