Saturday, August 28, 2010

Park City Half Marathon Race Report

What a great morning. I woke up nervous because I wasn't sure how I would respond to the altitude and that whole toenail loss had me worried. But once I saw the sun rising over Olympic Park and walked toward the starting line, I knew it was going to be a great day.

The race started at Newpark Hotel, a little outside of Park City in Kimball Junction. The course followed through the Redstone development, past the Swaner Nature Preserve (beautiful), along the multi-purpose trail until we reached a softer surface trail and even mixed it up with a little single track trail.

What was really neat about this course was passing by numerous "recycled material" sculptures. So cool to see a metal family of cyclists, among other neat outdoor artwork. We passed by the McPolin Barn and reached the Park City limits before looping back toward the start.

Everything about this race was simple. And I really do like simplicity. No big expo. Seriously, who needs another pair of socks or shorts the day before a race to schlep back in your suitcase? We picked up our packets outside at a tent where you had a gorgeous view of the mountains. No fanfare at the start. Just the Star Spangled Banner, then we were off! No bands throughout the course (well, one band at a barn which was neat). No clocks. Just mile markers. The finish line consisted of water cups and little paper baskets (like you get buffalo wings in) filled with a slice of cranberry bread, a few pretzels, a half slice of peach and a half banana. It was nice being able to just grab a basket of food and a cup of water and not trying to balance everything in weak arms post race. The colored glass medal was hand made by an artist, which made the race that much more unique and will look quite nice in my collection.

Overall, great day...wonderful race experience... and I have marked off the 26th state, and 13th half marathon, while enjoying a memorable vacation with my family!

Race: Park City Half Marathon
Finish Time: 2:24:22

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