Friday, September 5, 2014

Growing Up in the Jogging Stroller

The jogging stroller was the best investment we've made.  It has logged in thousands of miles carting B places and races and many adventures.

Below shows her growing up, beginning in 2007 and ending with a Memorial Day race in May 2013.  She eventually became too big and too heavy for me to push, but what a wonderful journey we've had!

Top left: October 2007 in DC at my Marine Corps Marathon.  Top right: August 2008 in Cleveland.
Bottom left: August 2009 in Oregon at Voodoo Donuts.  Bottom right: October 2010 in New Mexico after our Day of the Dead 10k race.

To Left: at the Girls with Sole race in June 2010.  Top right: in Savannah, GA in 2011 at a 5k halloween race.
Bottom left: falling asleep after one of my runs in the Metroparks in 2012.  Bottom right: at our last race in May 2013 in Cleveland.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Megan

Hard to believe how young this girl looks.

2007 with the biggest slice of chocolate cake - Mmmm!