Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Locks of Love

Megan had donated her hair at the Relay for Life event her freshman year. I thought that was such a wonderful thing that she did and figured, "Why not try that myself." It took a bit longer to grow enough length, but the long hair coupled with the recent hot temps expedited my decision.

Funny story about this: Bridget was devastated at first. She thought, when I first mentioned donating my hair, that I would look like Greg. She cried and panicked and told me repeatedly not to do it - that I would look weird! So I managed to convince her that I would not look weird, that I would still have hair, and it would be great if she held my hand while the stylist cut my hair. I originally planned on donating at this year's Relay for Life event, but they didn't offer the hair donation service this year - bummer. So we made a date Tuesday night with the salon and wow, what relief! I feel like a new person and lighter to boot! And yes, she held my hand and, best of all, she said I didn't look weird. The end.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Wonderful 18-mile bike ride with Greg through the Metroparks. About 14 miles into the ride, a police officer on a motorcycle pulled up next to Greg and me and explained we would need to pull over soon as the motorcycle brigade was coming through. I asked about how many there would be and the officer responded about a thousand. Sure enough, 15 minutes passed and we saw probably a thousand riders. Such a cool experience to see! I commented to Greg when we got home that I really smelled and needed a shower. Seriously, isn't that just the best? When you know you worked out hard enough that you know a shower is necessary?! Awesome morning.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rock Climbing Rocks

Corny title, but rock climbing was absolutely incredible. So hard, yet so fun. Meg was a rockstar (yes, I can keep this up with the "rock" comments!). She climbed to the top of the wall on her first try. I was a little intrepid at first and only made it half way up. After a few climbs, though, I made it to the top and couldn't believe how much fun I was having. Upper body strength? Oh my, I was lacking in that department. By the time we were finished, our fingers hurt, our forearms ached, and we were smiling with huge grins. Great day with my daughter! Thanks, Kendall Cliffs, for a fantastic indoor rock climbing experience.

Best of all, we got to check off two things on Meg's Summer Bucket List - rock climbing and happy hour at Sonic. Love our tots!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Am I Ready for This?

For Valentine's Day this year, my present to each of my girls and my husband was themed "adventures with Robin." For Bridget, we spent time at the local bead place making dolly and me bracelets. I took Greg to a special bar with a private backroom for some awesomely cool 1920s era kind of drinks. And finally, Meg is cashing in her gift - indoor rock climbing.

We are scheduled for this coming Saturday afternoon at a local indoor rock climbing studio. Yikes! Am I ready for this?! As Megan would say, "This shit just got real!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Senior Prom

The Senior year festivities are picking up speed as the end of the year gets closer. As a parent of a senior student, I was obligated to volunteer during after-prom and can't believe how much fun I had!

I roped my poor, unsuspecting sister into volunteering with me so that I would have company as I tried to stay vertical from 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. Now this was no easy feat! We were in charge of the Dance Central Xbox game. So. Much. Fun! As soon as Angie and I arrived, we immediately tested out the game and, sure enough, it proved that I have no rhythm. Who cares, I was having fun AND burning calories. And besides, this was the LATEST I had been awake in a long long time!

Meg's date was another swimmer and she enjoyed the evening with her dearest friends. Best of all, one of her friends' parents sprung for the Prom Van (yep, their family minivan) complete with decorations on the inside. So much more fun than a stuffy (and super expensive) limosine.

Monday, May 21, 2012

National Bike to Work Day

May is Bike to National Bike Month with Friday, May 18 being designated as National Bike to Work Day. Since I hadn't biked to work yet this year, I figured, "Sure, I can handle that!" Whew...I handled it, but it was a looonnnggg ride!

Best part: Bridget wanted to ride her bike to preschool and she shaved 15 minutes off her 2.5 mile ride from last year! Woohoo - my little girl has the determination of Lance Armstrong and the legs of Jan Ulrich! So proud.

And I got to enjoy all the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Metroparks. Going home was another story. The saddle seat made, ahem, quite an impression on my body, which meant the ride home was a wee bit less comfortable than the ride to work. I think I'll designate Fridays as my bike to work day and, hopefully, I'll hope to build up these legs in time to do the Eddy's Sweet Corn Challenge 50-mile ride the end of July.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Megan's Summer Bucket List

One month left till High School is over. Three months until College begins. Damn, the time flew way too fast. So Meg drafted her Summer Bucket List. As you can see, we've got lots to do this summer. Camping...not my first choice, but I'll do it. And besides, who doesn't love smores by a campfire?!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pretty Good Week, and You?

Not a bad week for fitness here at the casa. Managed to sneak in two lunchtime runs as well as a longish run on Sunday, banking 12 miles for the week. Biked around the block with my girls and even met up with one of Bridget's friends and her mother on our ride. Enjoyed a yoga class Saturday afternoon with Megan, and learned that I have let my core go to hell. Holding a plank nearly killed me. And my down dog? Geesh, heels no where near the floor. Got lots of work to do! But five days of activity makes me one happy girl!

And we're getting back to eating cleaner here. Meg and I are trying to limit our "processed" foods and up our fruits and veggies. We've even decided to adopt the Meatless Mondays movement. Got some great ideas and I think we're leaning toward a nice frittata with fresh fruit this Monday. Mmmm - sounds good!

Enjoy the week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kindergarten Assessment

Where has the time gone? How is it possible that I have one daughter getting ready to leave for COLLEGE, while the other daughter is getting ready for KINDERGARTEN?!

Last week was Assessment Day for Bridget. She had to demonstrate such things as where she lives, her birthdate, her age, identifying shapes as well as drawing them, hopping and skipping, counting as high as she could, etc. Fun stuff for a kid!

Best of all, when she was brought back to the Mommy Waiting Room, she was presented with a bag decorated by the current kindergarten class and a little t-shirt saying "Welcome Class of 2021" (her 8th grade graduation year). 2021? Time really needs to slow down!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Final Week

Three chilly rides this week. With the warmer weather right around the corner, I think we'll be out enjoying the evenings by bike more often.

This may be one of the sweetest pictures I've taken of my girls. We decided to ride our bikes to the library and I was trailing behind them. Bridget's getting very confident in her riding skills, but I still like Meg to take the lead, then I protect from the rear. I was listening to their conversation - Bridget was asking Megan if, when Megan went away to college, they could Facetime every day because she was going to miss her. Awww - I was seriously holding back tears from that conversation.

It was Saturday night, we had just gotten back from dinner (think full belly here), and Bridget reminded me that we hadn't gone for our bike ride yet. Are you kidding me?! I started this thing, so I had an obligation to see it through. Off we went for a ride around the block. As you can see from her hat, it was chilly!

I didn't snap a picture, but Meg rode alongside me while I ran 6-miles on Sunday. So Meg gets credit for Sunday's ride during this wonderful 30 Days of Biking.

Challenge completed!

Total miles this week: 9 miles

Total April cycling miles: 51.5 miles