Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Day in the Pool

Today was my first swim practice...and I'm exhausted. I could barely stay awake during a meeting I was facilitating. I went to this fantastic swim facility near where I work during my lunch hour. Funny part was that I REALLY brought down the average age while I was there! I got into a lane and immediately complained to myself that the pool was much colder than I remembered (man, I am such a wimp). The pool was 25m in length and I managed to complete 350 meters. I compared my 50m swim time to my 15-year-old daughter's swim time. Now keep in mind, she is on the swim team (please note the disclaimer). I managed to eak out a very pathetic time of 1m12sec and she just shook her head. I guarantee that next Tuesday I will be able to shed at least 15 seconds on my 50m swim time. I plan to swim a T/W/Fri schedule during my lunch hour until the Portland Triathlon the end of August. I should be able to handle a 750m sprint distance (I know...longshot...but bet on me on this one). Biking is going well and I'm splitting my running between trail work and long runs on the road. I'm finding it incredibly challenging to train for a triathlon while also training for a 10-mile trail run. Each race should sufficiently kick my arse during the month of August. It's doubtful that I will relax in September...especially since I hear there's a pretty cool half marathon trail run mid-September. Ahhhh, fall racing :)

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