Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Break Over

I took a little break from blogging - mostly because I ran out of stuff to say...and stuff to do. I had injured my foot from my overzelous race schedule (you know, running 4 half marathons in 4 weeks) and needed a break. Ahhh, and let me tell you, I feel repaired and refreshed...and plumper (unfortunately). Five weeks of no running kind of adds a little sumthin' sumthin' to the waistline, which is going to require a little extra effort over the next few weeks to remove!

My foot feels normal again and no other body parts are barking at me. I even ran two pain-free miles the other night. And I've been enjoying cross training, which I started this week. Who knew 2 miles on the indoor track could seem like an endurance training event? Yeah, this girl! After 5 weeks of vegetation, I actually feel like I'm starting at ground zero. No worries, this week I've run, biked, and did the elliptical (what do you do on an elliptical anyway? It's not running or walking or stairstepping?). Tonight, I have yoga and and tomorrow is Zumba class with my daughter.

I never knew slowing down could be so fun.


  1. you may feel like you are at ground zero now, but I bet you will get back to your previous fitness level after 2 weeks of consistent running.

  2. sorry you were out of commission for awhile but thrilled you are back at it!!!