Monday, August 20, 2012

Training for the Akron Marathon has been tough due to the sweltering summer. Since almost all of my long runs have been run while it's between 75-90 degrees, in spite of getting up by 7am each weekend, it's been hard to get a sense of where my training is. I ran the Perfect 10-Miler last weekend in Lyndhurst and actually PR'd the distance (for me, that is). My time was relatively decent, but I do know I cannot hold that pace for 26.2 miles. So this past Sunday, Greg, Bridget and I drove a good portion of the Akron Marathon course so I could get a bit of feel for what the course looks like. I am actually pretty excited - it appears to be a beautiful course overall. The Stan Hywet Gardens and surrounding area is so pretty. Sand Run would be much prettier if I wasn't running it during the exhausted miles! I still don't know how I will perform in 6 weeks, but I do know that I'm going to enjoy seeing Akron on foot!

While in Akron surveilling the course, we had lunch at the West Point Market. They make the BEST salads. I love love love their Mediterranean salad and Greg loves making his own salad - even the clerk enjoyed his concoction! While wandering the course afterwards, we stumbled across the Akron Hamburger Festival. Wow - that turned out to be absolutely delightful! Greg won a White Castle Crave Case! Thank goodness, they simply give you a voucher to present at the store during your next visit. Can you imagine how stinky our car would have been for that hour drive home?! Ugh!

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  1. Wha, wha, what?! Save that beauty for my visit! And I think you need a motivational post/ I've been slacking.