Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bridget's 7th Birthday

If you're following this little blog of ours, you know that we don't celebrate birthdays in ordinary ways.  We love trips.  I will forego buying a new dress or shoes so that I can sock away travel money!

B had been asking for awhile to go to Disneyland (we love all things Disney) so we thought we would surprise her with a trip.  I arranged for Meg to fly from Dayton to Cleveland so that she could take the CLE to LAX flight with us.  Greg was already in LA for business.  I had to figure out a way to "surprise" B because she is quite the savvy traveler.  While she was sleeping the night before we left, I packed a weekend bag with both our clothes.  I told her we had to go to the airport and take a suitcase to Greg because his boss was making him fly somewhere hot and he needed shorts and stuff.  She believed the first lie. 

Things started falling apart when we pulled in to the long-term parking.  She asked if we were flying somewhere (because we always park in a certain long-term parking lot).  I told her that the airport was under construction and short-term parking was destroyed (which was true).  As we went through security, that's where the ruse got tougher to keep up.  I wrote a note on the boarding passes so that the TSA guy wouldn't ask her questions and told him it was a surprise trip, but of course she asked why we had to go through security to get Greg his clothes.  This was all NOT making sense to her!

But the best part was Meg, who had been hiding behind a column, jumped out to hug B and yelled "Happy Birthday!" We then told her she was going to Disneyland.  B was more excited to see Meg and could have cared less about the trip! Lesson learned.

Even though it poured the whole time we were in Disney (yes, we brought the Cleveland weather with us - we always do!), we still had a magical time.  We rode rides, enjoyed shows and just had fun as a family.  I think our favorite dinner, though, was at Shabu Shabu....until B fell asleep in my lap from a long day at Disney.

We even managed to squeeze in a day at Laguna Beach (no LC or Lo, Brody or Steven sightings, darn it!).

Great trip for the birthday girl!

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