Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh Henry! And Candlemaking

Bridget and I met Megan in Columbus for a little "girls" time.  We try not to go more than two weeks without seeing each other while Meg's away at school.  We're a pretty tight knit group, you could say.  We decided to do dinner in the short north and wander in and out of their shops during their Gallery Hop weekend.  Bridget came across this little dog who was set on licking off all her leftover butter (from her buttered pasta).  I can still hear her giggling! We had a great dinner, enjoyed all the shops, and stumbled into this great little candlemaking shop.  We even got to make our candles with the owner, who is simply fantastic!

At the Candle Lab, you first spend time smelling all the different scents they offer.  I think there were over 40! You then narrow your favorites down to about 3-5 and the staff help you mix your own scent.  You even get to create your own label! We all left with our own concoctions and they smell quite good (shocking, right?).

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