Monday, June 30, 2014

An Ocean Wedding

While in Maui, we would celebrate our 10th anniversary.  A pretty big milestone, you know.  We got married on 6-5-04, a very easy date to remember.  What I couldn't anticipate was the surprise that would await me.

After enjoying a nice morning at the pool, Greg told me he had booked a massage for me around 1:00pm.  As soon as my massage concluded, the masseuse greeted me with a card that explained we were having a vow renewal on the beach and there would be a dress waiting for me.

Girls getting ready.

Greg had arranged for an oceanside wedding, a photographer to take family photos (which we've been wanting to do for awhile), and a back-up minister.  The best surprise is that he and Megan had been conspiring for months to do this...and she got her minister license so that she could perform the ceremony! In 2004, she walked down the aisle with me and in 2014 she would be the minister.  Hysterical!

These are just a few of my favorite pictures.  What a wonderful surprise!

Afterwars, we were famished.  The sunset vow renewal meant that it was after 8pm and it was time to eat! Greg had made reservations at the italian restaurant at the Four Seasons.  On our walk over to the hotel, we popped in at the Maui film festival and Meg got to be up close with Emma Roberts.  May have been the highlight of her trip! Since it was getting close to our reservation time, we headed over to the Four Seasons for what may be one amazing meal.  We even tried a new drink - an Italian Shandy, which was a Perioni with Lemoncello...Mmmm!

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