Monday, July 14, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend in Put-in-Bay

As part of our Summertime Bucket List, we wanted to spend the day in Put-in-Bay.  Meg's friend from college joined us and we couldn't believe how much fun we had.  I didn't know what to expect, but soon found out that we can have fun anywhere, doing just about anything!

As all northern Ohioans know, the Jet Express is the quickest way to get to the islands.  What a fun way to arrive.  We landed in the town square, grabbed our obligatory golf cart, and headed out for our island adventure. We drove around the island as if we had a purpose, stopped in some strange places (one bartender generously gave Bridget a bag of cheetos), had lunch at an open air BBQ joint, visited a winery (where we had the funniest cheese tray), and managed to find a bar or two for some interesting people watching and to have snacks.  When Greg bought our round trip tickets, he had to state the time we'd be coming back.  When I heard him say 9:30pm, I thought "No way can we entertain ourselves THAT long on such a tiny island."  Well, I was wrong.  We just managed to sprint back to the boat in time to board!

We can now check off #10! Done.

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