Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vancouver - Day 1 at the Granville Island Public Market

We landed late Friday night in Vancouver.  Being on West Coast time, we woke up way too early.  With the entire day ahead of us, we decided to start off at the Granville Island Public Market.  What a great choice!  The market reminded us of our own Westside Market or Philly's Reading Market. So many interesting stands filled with delicious foods.  I think the pasta stand was my favorite because each pasta was crafted like art.

While at the Granville Island Brewing Company, this was a "stag" or bachelor party.  The groom is dressed up as a girl with pigtails (reminded me of the Foo Fighters video) - too cute of a picture to pass up!
I love trying out a new or different Bloody Mary while traveling.  This one didn't disappoint, but my favorite is still in Austin!

Such a good picture of them outside the Granville Island Public Market

How cute is this? Old silos.
Loved the Granville Island Public Market.  Just look at how delicious everything is - pasta, baked goods, fruits and veggies.  Yum!

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