Sunday, April 19, 2009

CrossFit Update

Back from Vacation and quickly moved into our second week of CrossFit...should be our 3rd week, but we were on vacation during week 2 and will make it up the lost time later in the program. The class was for 1 hour on Saturday morning and, as of this afternoon, neither Greg or I can move. My thighs ache as if I had just finished a marathon (you know, can't go down a set of stairs without saying "Oowh"). My arms are useless and I just want to sit for long periods! Thank goodness I got my long run out of the way on Friday. My tempo run is not looking promising for Sunday afternoon.

We did a "circuit" which consisted of rowing, squats, box jumps, push ups, and situps. We were timed and had to complete as many of each of these activities for 20 seconds, with a 10 second rest, 8 times for each, then shout out our numbers. I was lucky I didn't fall off the box when jumping on and off with my amazing agility! I really can't believe how exhausted this made me...and Greg is in the same boat! Best of all (or worst of all), we get to do all of this AGAIN to see if we've improved any as we progress through the program. I still can't believe I VOLUNTARILY signed up for this??!!

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