Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Postman Always Rains Twice

Since Kid A had a swim meet this evening, I had to get my run in during my lunch hour. I love lunchtime runs because it breaks up the boredom and provides me with a laugh drying my sweaty clothes on my office door knob! Today I needed a clothes dryer from my clothes being so wet. What started out as an "iffy" run dodging sprinkles turned into a torrential downpour. On the upside, I had a blast splashing around like a duck and giggling like a 4-year-old! It felt like recess and I definitely didn't want to go back to class/job. By the time I'm completely dry it's time to go home. Being the meteorologist that I am (NOT) I decide around 7ish to take puppy for a walk. Five minutes into Jameson's walk and the monsoon hit - the postman always rains twice.

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