Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Run and a Plunge for the New Year

What a great way to start the new year! I started my morning off with a nice, easy 6-mile run through the Metroparks with the temps in the high 40s followed by the Polar Bear Plunge sponsored by the Cleveland Triathlon Club with my daughter, Megan. While I enjoyed running in 40 degree temps, let me tell you that swimming in that kind of weather is a whole other kind of torture. It was so cold that the shock just made you laugh out loud. In true polar bear style, both my daughter and I made sure our whole body was submerged and then we ran back to our warm clothes with incredible speed.

Happy New Year and may you have a happy and healthy 2012!


  1. Holy schnike! you girls have two serious sets of balls to do that!! LOL Way to go!!!! I love the thumbs up you are giving and that Megan is wearing her winter hat with her bathing suit. Good stuff!! Woo hoo 2012.

  2. Woohoo - You did it and Megan too! Such a great CLE start to the new year!