Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting in the Miles

In spite of the oppressive heat, I've been managing to keep up with the marathon training quite nicely as well as adding in a little cross training. This past weekend, I eeked out a 12-mile run. With the heat, I've found a run/walk ratio works best. Plus, I'm not a vegetable the next day at work when I go Galloway. I'm also noticing that those little nagging injuries don't seem to be popping up when I incorproate the run/walk ratio to my long runs. Fingers crossed!

Greg and I took advantage of the perfect weather on the 4th and biked 20 miles through the Metroparks. No matter how many times I run or bike, I am always blown away by the beauty of the Metroparks.

Unfortunately, while biking during my lunch hour last week, I had a flat tire 3 miles in. This was the FOURTH flat tire on my bike wheel and I swore if it happened again, then I would march my bike to Century Cycles and buy a new tire (not tube). The downside to this thinking is that I didn't have a backup tube. My CO cartridge fired all over my hand from being clumsy (brrr it was cold!). Not to be deterred, I decided to hoof it back to the office and get in a good workout anyway. Let me be the first to say that Pearl Izumi cleats don't really have any "give" in them and it was a loooonnnnggg run back to the office!

When I stopped in at Century Cycles on my way home, I was once again impressed with their level of customer service. The mechanics are so kind and really care about your bike. They gave me such personal attention and one of the mechanics even stayed late after closing to take care of all of my bike issues (I think I had more issues than even I was aware). I am definitely one loyal customer and I think a cupcake run will occur this week to thank the guys behind the counter!

Hope you're getting in the miles during this heat and staying plenty hydrated!

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