Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tough Way to Do a Long Run

Today I started out slipping and sliding for my intended 12 miler. I started out in the Metroparks and slipped like a bad Chevy Chase SNL scene walking from my car to the running path. I got up, brushed off the snow, and tried it again. I made it somewhere between a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile before wiping out again. This time the legs went in the air, the derrier hit hard and the elbow suffered (Live from New York City it's Saturday Night!). This time I got up, checked all body parts and immediately waddled back to the car. Not worth it! I went back home to "brainstorm" on another way to get in a long run. After a half hour of procrastinating (read: figuring out if skipping a long run would reallllllllly hurt my training), I decided to head to the local Rec Center. I opted for a 10-miler...completing 5 miles on the treadmill before boredom set in, 1 mile on the running track (couldn't keep track of the number of laps), and finished with 4 more treadmill miles. That had to go down as one of the most boring, mind-numbing ways to get in a long run. But it's was a respectable training distance for my upcoming half marathon...and did I mention it's done?? :)

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