Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Race Photos

It's as if school pictures weren't enough to stress about growing up, but now I've entered a new dimension of hell...race photos. I got that dreaded link announcing that my recent half marathon race photos were available for viewing. You know, I secretly hope that this batch will be different. I realize race photogs can't make my photo 20 pounds lighter, but seriously is sitting on a curb really the most flattering angle for anyone???!!! I seem to have this bizarre stride that requires one side of my shorts to hike up high enough to be saying hello to my hip. And because I'm chronicling my races in all the states, I end up buying the least bad photo each time...for the bargain basement price of $15.95 for a 4x6. I almost think that those little black combs they used to pass out in the school pictures line should be included in the racer's goody bags...and maybe disposable (and biodegradable) lipstick. A girl can dream!

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