Sunday, August 2, 2009

Burning River 100 Mile Race

What a fun day! Of course, it was probably only fun for Megan and me since we didn't have to run 100 miles in 30 hours or less. We worked the Boston Store Aid Station at miles 56 and 60.6 for our friend E and couldn't believe how much we enjoyed our shift. I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with so many interesting people...and dedicated families. The families have an even tougher day waiting for their athlete and moving from aid station to aid station during the Burning River 100 mile race. Meg worked the bag check and food stations while I checked in runners then finished up at the food station. I learned that boiled potatoes with salt and soggy ramen noodles were hot items for ultra runners. Makes sense with the salt content, easy to eat, and easy to digest on a runner's stomach. I have such admiration for people who run at night on trails with a headlight. Think about it, the runners checked in with the aid station at 60.6 miles. They still had 40 miles to go. If they ran at a 15-minute/mile pace, which would be enough to finish under the time limit, it would still take 10 more hours - the majority of which would be in the dark. Amazing!

Before going to the race, I squeezed in an 8 mile run with the final 2 miles as trail work. Puppy ran with me and he even seemed tired. I'm getting nervous about my 10 mile trail race next weekend, but also getting excited about pushing myself to do something more challenging than just road running. Tomorrow is a short run plus another swim day. Tuesday evening I'll be trying an open water swim - I'm crossing my fingers on that one!

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  1. That was cool of you to volunteer! I've wondered what I would want to eat after running for 10,20 hours.