Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures from Portland Triathlon

The view of the Portland bridges before sunrise was really quite beautiful. You can see a large number of swimmers working their way through the water. I'm sure I'm there somewhere! Who am I kidding, I was still backstroking/floating at that point!

I had just walked uphill from the dock and ran into Greg and Bridget. I am sure I was telling him something like, "OMG I was so not prepared for a 1/2 mile open water swim and I'm freezing! I found the swim portion hard (as evidenced by my exhausted look while trotting from the water to the transition area). Dripping wet clothes just don't accentuate a girl's body style.

The bike portion was beautiful, but I was not prepared for the challenging hills.

The run segment I loved. We ran across two bridges along the Williamette River and enjoyed the scenery of the downtown Portland area.

Anyone who has either been a supporter (family or friend) knows the waiting around part is hard. My two girls (and husband!) had to wait around for 2-1/2 hours for me to finish. Bridget didn't make it for the run portion and decided it was naptime. Another picture of Meg with crazy sunglasses (her 50th pair I'm sure).

Ahhh...the reward of a wonderful draft beer at McMenamins. Notice Bridget in her "Go Mommy Go" shirt. She and Megan yelled that while I was on the bike portion and the beginning of the run (before she passed out for a nap).

All in all, I loved this race. Even more, I loved that I was able to finish a triathlon with less than 4 weeks training time. But...I think I'll stick to running for now!

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  1. Nice work! Great to see so many new triathletes out there, and it's been fun watching the race grow the last few years. Always a unique experience to be swimming in the Willamette.