Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Good Week of Training

I'm happy with this week's training. Sunday I logged in a 10 mile trail run. Took a break Monday (mostly so I could learn to walk again!). Tuesday was a good day for swimming logging in 1000m during lunch. Wednesday was an 8 mile bike ride for 22:30 and a 1/2 mile run at 4:20. Thursday evening was a wonderful evening of swimming with my friend Karen, who is an amazing swimmer and specializes in the phrase, "how do you feel? Ok, then give me 50 more." Friday was a much needed rest day. Today was a brick with husband - 14 mile bike ride and 2.5 mile run. Another open water swim practice is on the agenda for Sunday, then definitely a cold Corona! Exactly one week till the tri and I am nervous and excited!

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