Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Music Finds

A couple nights ago, I spent an hour or so putting together a nice blend of music for my upcoming race. I had grown tired of the same yelling/loud/pump-you-up music and wanted to go for a change. I mean, Guns n Roses, Foo Fighters and the like are good for a nice run, but I wanted something that wouldn't result in me skipping to the next song...the next song...the next song. I started thinking about mixing in some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Classics...Just pure great music. So I went to iTunes and downloaded Sway by Dean Martin (I could listen to that over and over)and a couple classic Frank songs. iTunes has this feature that "recommends" artists. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed finding new music. Came across Madeleine Peyroux's 2004 CD Careless, she is compared to Billie Holiday and I could literally listen to her music for hours. I was also impressed with Melody Gardot out of Philadelphia with her sultry jazz voice, very similar to Norah Jones. For my 80s flashback, no mix would be complete without a little Robert Palmer. So I'm all set and can't wait to rock out...or get "jazzed" by my new music!

The funny part is that husband (who got the iTunes notification/bill) thought my daughter was making a love mix! Nope...that's your wife d/l the music :)

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