Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Running Items

The running is getting more consistent. For three weeks now, I have managed to get in at least 3 runs each week. The mileage isn't off the charts, but at least I'm being consistent and injury-free.

Two new items that I included in my run this week were my new CW-X bra. Love love love it! I never knew a uniboob could actually feel so comfortable. I bought it in black as I thought it might be good when tri season makes it way to Northern Ohio.

Second item I loved this week was my new sunglasses. Husband bought me a pair of Tifosi sunglasses with interchangeable lenses after I oooh'd and ahhh'd over Karen's last fall. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were on the run yesterday - no slipping or fogging - and it was a hot day!

This week, I should be in double digits for running and I can't wait!

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