Friday, March 9, 2012

A Race on the Horizon

I needed a race to plan toward. I just felt like I had no purpose. Yeah, going out for a run without pressure is great and all, but it's also nice to have an end game. Since airfare has been so outrageously priced lately, I haven't planned any out of state races, which has been a bummer since I just have 8 states remaining! So local it is!

Northern Ohio is full of fantastic running events. Everything from the LULA 5k to the Burning River 100-mile trail race is done right! After hearing such great reviews about the Akron Marathon, as well as missing the marathon distance, I took advantage of their early registration rate. Best of all, every tenth person to register gets an Akron marathon hat. Guess who was the tenth registrant? This girl!

So let the training begin...slowly. I ran in 27 degree weather on Monday, then was greeted with 57 degrees Wednesday. I'm finding my groove while I'm working on my base and strength training for the next two months before increasing the mileage. Maybe this time, I'll actually get it right!


  1. Congrats on signing up for a marathon! I am going to look forward to following your training for this.

  2. you go girl! Let me know if we should put together a relay to escort you :)