Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Was a Very Busy Month

Very little blogging happened in April because so much activity was swirling around that I barely had enough time to check email and keep up with my mindless twitter account.

But here goes with a quick recap of April:

Mom's weekend with Megan at Miami University. I even slept in her dorm. So much fun and thankfully no Natty Light was involved (several Sam Adams', yes).
Greg celebrated a birthday and B decorated each of his envelopes.  He is the proud owner of Indians tickets, Brew Kettle brew-your-own-beer experience, and a round of golf!
Bridget posing in front of her school's kindergarten art show.  She was so proud of her work!
No month would be complete without attending a concert. This time it was Taylor Swift.  She played for 2 hours (who would've believed?!) and it was actually very entertaining (and wholesome).
I got a new pair of shoes to help me suck up the Cleveland Rite Aid half marathon training (wow, who knew 13.1 miles could be so far after completing 24 half marathons already?!).

Last, but not least, we're moving! What an exhausting process, but I am totally organized this time.  Every box is labeled with contents and room assignment so that, when the movers arrive, they only have to move actual furniture. Whew - what a month!

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  1. Looks like you had a full and fabulous month of April!! We must get together so we can catch up more :) Here's to a fun May at perhaps a gentler pace...