Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day of Reading and Racing

Memorial Day was awesome in this house.  B and I started our day out with a nice 5k race at the St. Joseph Academy Jaguars 5k.  While there was no "official" stroller division, the kind volunteers at each intersection announced to B and I that we were the first stroller in the race.  Talk about pressure.  As I rounded the corner in the last half mile of the race, I spied a double stroller gaining on me.  Let me tell you, after pushing my 50 pound daughter for 25+ minutes, I was in no condition to sprint.  However, I am also one who enjoys a little friendly competition so sprint I must! I crossed the finish line only seconds in front of the dad pushing a double - but a win is a win in my book! Best of all, B got her Malley's chocolate bar (a race sponsor) and I got my uhmm water bottle. Gotta love small races and this one might have to be a new Memorial Day tradition!

Later in the day, we squeezed in a movie (Epic) and waited for Greg (who saw Fast & Furious 6) back at Barnes & Noble.  Love this pic of my girls sitting peacefully reading books.  It was one of those rare moments where everyone was quiet and I got to enjoy a magazine!

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