Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update from Keystone

Keystone was everything I hoped it would be. It truly is a family-friendly ski destination. Sunday we went on a sleigh ride with one of the most entertaining tour guides, learning about the history of land purchases in Keystone. Bridget got to pet the horses, two sets - named Bert & Ernie and Charlie and Kelly. Charlie and Kelly are large Belgium horses weighing a ton each and can each pull 3-5x their own weight. We sat under plaid sheepskin blankets and stopped halfway for hot apple cider. What a Norman Rockwell experience! Meg unfortunately is allergic to horses and had a terrible attack, but did she stay away from the horses...noooo.

As we headed back to Denver from Keystone, we stopped along the way at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. All four of us climbed EVERY step from the stage to the top. Not sure how many steps there were, but I do know that if this is any indication of my fitness level for Tackle the Tower, then I'm in trouble (did I mention how altitude changes everything???). Even small Bridget climbed the majority of the steps. What an amazing place and it was so cool to see so many people running up and down and across the steps for exercise/training. Oh yeah, it was 60+ degrees outside (while Cleveland was 10-ish degrees). We then spent Monday in Denver at a hotel I highly recommend - Hotel Monaco. Wow, they really get the concept of customer service.

Now back to reality (and training). I started back on my 30 day shred and I'm not sure if it was the DVD or the Red Rocks steps, but I'm feeling the muscles at full throttle. Finished another workout on the eliptical and made sure I did my hill repeats.

Hope you're staying warm.

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