Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me (Does this stuff ever stop surfacing?!)

So I've been tagged a few times for this and decided to give it a try. So here goes...hopefully there is something interesting in one of these numbers!

1. I love broccoli - always have, always will. I get excited in restaurants when it's the veggie of the day. My daughter calls me a "flexitarian" because I would eat broccoli before eating meat.
2. I am the oldest of 5 kids - three of us have red hair, my father has red hair.
3. I am a terrible rummy player, but that doesn't stop me from telling people I bring my "A game" when I challenge them.
4. I love puzzles and once came in first place in a puzzle competition. I found out recently that my family considers this an "embarassing fact" about me.
5. I keep a dictionary at my desk and try to learn a new word each day.
6. I love rap and hip hop music and my dream job used to be to work for Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/Sean John.
7. I am afraid of heights and even thought Alladin's Carpet at DisneyWorld was a bit risky!
8. I am a pisces and love to swim, but open water swimming freaked me out when I trained for a sprint triathlon.
9. Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Thank goodness that didn't work out!
10. I love cold weather vacations, yet I am lousy at cold weather sports (except snowshoeing).
11. My favorite vacation was a trip to Madrid and Seville Spain...amazing beauty of architechture, language and food.
12. I read trash magazines, but I like to think I read the "good/legitimate" ones - People and US Weekly lol
13. I like to see an author's picture before I read the book - fiction and nonfiction. I have to have a "connection" with the author introduction, if you will.
14. I am rarely, if ever, on time. I can't explain this aspect of me. My husband considers this a serious genetic flaw (my father has the same problem, so it has to be genetic).
15. I own more running shoes than dress shoes.
16. I am still waiting for Thirtysomething to come out on DVD. I still follow Michael, Hope, Elliott, Nancy, and Ellen when they're in new shows.
17. I'm not a morning person and I hate being rushed in the mornings. This might explain #14...probably not.
18. I heart Lance Armstrong. I watch ALL the stages of the Tour de France (and TiVO each stage so I don't miss a single thing) and can hardly wait for 2009 Tour because LANCE WILL BE BACK!
19. I was at Stage 17 in 2006 - amazing experience and would do it again.
20. Halloween is my favorite holiday. While pregnant with Bridget, October represented by biggest weight gain month...might have been the overload of white chocolate reece's cups...yummy!
21. My dog is one of my running partners. He ALWAYS thinks I look wonderful in my running long as I "accessorize" with his leash.
22. My oldest daughter and I are the original Gilmore Girls and we call my husband Luke.
23. I love yoga and consider this one of life's most wonderful, yet necessary, indulgence.
24. I can't walk past a Ms PacMan game without asking my husband for a junkie trying to get a fix. He is my "enabler" since he always has (or will find for me) a miraculous stack of quarters.
25. I consider myself the luckiest girl...I have two wonderful daughters, a husband that not only loves me, but thinks I look good in my running clothes, and a dog that greets me each day as if I am a doggie size treat!

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