Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Either a Pollywog or a Minnow

Dara Torres I am not. There's no getting around that. But I'm at least improving. Last week, I completed a 200m set in (gasp!) 6:10. Today, I completed two 200m freestyle sets in 5:34 and 5:36. During my lunch hour, which equates to a half hour for swim (minus drive time, dressing, hair almost drying time), I squeeze in a minimum of 500 yards mixing up freestyle, breast and backstroke. Tomorrow I will begin trying out different swimming drills (as recommended by Greg used in TNT) and I look forward to improving my form, which should ultimately improve my speed! Surprisingly, swimming has helped my running not to mention melting away some of my work stress.

Anchors away!

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  1. you go girl! all these new endeavors - how awesome is that? I wish this blogs had a 'like' buttons as I would be clicking away!