Sunday, December 13, 2009

Race Weekend: Dallas White Rock Half Marathon

Cliff and Greg picked me up, checked into the Hyatt (race hotel), met up with Martha, then cabbed over to pepi and ito's for some Mexican. They all got a good laugh about how excited I was when I got not only my own salsa bowl but unlimited refills (I can eat my own weight in salsa, seriously). A few bottle of Tecate and I was set!  Before settling in for the night, Martha told us the Hyatt had a pretty good mojito. Being Greg's favorite drink, we decided one more couldn't hurt!  This is where the night quickly got weird. We noticed a group of people near us with matching shirts - "dream weekend." So Greg and Martha let their curiosity get the best of them. It was as if Greg and Martha were holding a piece of bread and 20 birds swooped over saying, mine mine mine. Before we knew it, we were listening to their spiel like a bad test audience and sipping their juice. The company, whose name I will leave out of this post so that the search engine gods do not tap into this blog! But needless to say, I will never drink this stuff again. I woke up at 4am with the same wide awake feeling I had the night I had a Spanish cafe con leche in Madrid. The stupidest part of this is that I told Greg the next morning that if Megan ever told us she had met some nice people at a hotel bar, tried what they were selling, and found herself wide awake at 4am with a weirdest indigestion, then I would be furious and think she had lost her mind! So Friday was the night that Greg and I lost our minds!

Saturday was the expo. Now, I consider the expo an integral part of the race experience and this expo didn't disappoint. It was like a fitness Christmas (say that 3 times real fast!). I bought a running hat with a ponytail opening for $5, a bondi band for $7 and a long sleeve running shirt for $36 that I was stalking back in New Hampshire (went to the store 2 times and decided $68 was too much). Perhaps best of all, I snagged 3 sample sizes of the new dark chocolate larabar. I wanted to be greedy and empty a whole tub of larabars in my purse, but decided I would just take a respectable 3. Greg would have made a great front man had I decided to carry out that plan! All in all, I had a good expo experience and it was a nice walk.

Getting nervous for the race. After my inadequate performance in Maine four weeks prior, I'm hoping I've improved!

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