Sunday, June 12, 2011

Robert Smith and Strawberries

Odd combination - Robert Smith and strawberries - but that sums up my wonderful Sunday. I love this guy. As vocalist for The Cure, he entertained me during my high school years, including Cross Country. Twenty (plus) years later, the man still can make me run with a smile. I actually charged up a hill while singing (out loud) Why Can't I Be You - great beat, but I've always loved his voice. Can't explain it, but Robert Smith really knows how to make me run a decent speed and makes knocking out 12 miles feel easy. Afterwards, I joined my family for breakfast at Borderline for what I call recovery food!

And strawberries - the girls and I enjoyed an afternoon of picking fresh strawberries. I told them the story of how my mother would tell the employees at Bihl's Farm in Wheelersburg to weigh me in and out because I would eat so many strawberries. It was so cool to watch my girls sneak in a few strawberries today. Bridget wasn't even sly about it. We could hear her saying Mmmmm with each bite!

Then Bridget and Megan each got to pick out their own Gerbera Daisy - Bridget picked pink (of course) and Meg found a two-headed mutant one, which thrilled her just fine.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. Many memories for me have the soundtrack of the Cure to them. Love the pics of the girls too. Super cute!

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