Saturday, June 4, 2011

Running and Biking

What a great week so far! I completed an 11-mile long run on Monday. Should have knocked it out over the weekend, but too many Memorial Day activities prevented a Saturday or Sunday run. No worries - Monday worked just fine. Rest day Tuesday, then a hot, humid 3-miler during lunch on Thursday. Hello Summer - did we even see Mr. Spring this year? Wednesday and Friday brought some great cycling weather and I took advantage of it by biking to work. As I was carrying Violet (my bike) up the stairs at work, I actually had someone ask me if I rode that into work? The smart ass in me just wanted to reply, "No, it's Show & Tell week. Today we're on the letter B for bike!" The Metroparks is so zen in the morning. By the time I reached my office, I was in the best frame of mind. Beautiful, tranquil, and I could hear so much - the water rushing, squirrels dashing around the leaves and trees, and just enjoy the silence as well.

Sunday brings another long run of hopefully 12 miles. This training for a June half marathon certainly caught me off guard. I thought I had more time. Is it just me or do the weekends tick away far too fast anymore?! I have a 5k Girls with Sole race in the morning in which I'll be pushing Bridget in the jogging stroller. Doing so serves two purposes - it eliminates the hopes of a PR (what a relief there!) and it gives me quality time chatting with my 4-year-old while running. I'm going to try to complete most of my long run BEFORE the 5k (and before the spike in temps), then muddle through the race with kid in tow. With any luck, total running miles should equal 12 tomorrow. Pancakes smothered in syrup are going to taste soooooo good afterwards!

Oh, and let's not forget, I'll be celebrating my 7th anniversary with my better half! Can't wait till he sees the cool anniversary gift I have in store!

Have a wonderful weekend running, biking, swimming or just being still!

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