Sunday, July 3, 2011

OWS and a Family Bike Ride

Sunday was a most excellent day spent with my family. The morning started off with my first open water swim in Lake Erie of the year. What drama, too! Megan, my swimmer who doesn't allow excuses, simply wouldn't let me whine my way to defeat. While I stood there ankle-deep in the water, she asked me if I needed my hand held to go further. Hell no, I can do this (a hand might be nice...just kidding). Then when I wasn't moving out there quick enough, she threatened me with her coming in. That's exactly why I brought her with me. This was also my first time in a wetsuit and it just didn't feel natural right away. I found it weird that I floated too much and couldn't get my strokes to work out. When I came back to shore to complain to Megan, she sent me back out and told me to keep trying. Smart advice because the more I went out, the farther I managed to swim and became a little more confident with each stroke. I'm not speedy, no sir, not me. But I found a little rhythm with 10 strokes, take a 2-3 second break, find myself, 10 more strokes. That seemed to work fine for this newbie. But since I do want to get better, I signed up for an open water swim clinic for beginners with Liquid Lifestyles. I'm very excited and hope that the more I get into the lake, the more comfortable I feel.

After a quick clean off, Meg headed to work and Greg, Bridget and I headed out to Peninsula to ride the Towpath. We had lunch at Szalay's Farm - mmmmm Roasted Corn on the Cob and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Picked up some yummy fruits and vegetables, finished off our ride by going out to the Boston Store, then back to Peninsula. Great afternoon logging 12 miles with the family.

Best popsicle EVER!

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