Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eddy's Sweet Corn Ride

For the last two years, I've had Eddy's Sweet Corn Ride on my wish list for local events. And for one reason or another (or just maybe lame excuses), I've never tackled the event. But this year, I signed up the Mister and he happily agreed (ok, maybe not happily, maybe more like he was resigned to do it). At any rate, we both had a wonderful morning cruising up and down some serious hills. And did I mention that the 25-mile ride we completed was my longest bike ride distance to date. But guess what? I had such fun doing it and found out that I was in better shape than I thought. So that means 25 is going to get crossed out and replaced with 30, 40 and hopefully a 50-mile ride. I couldn't believe how freeing it is to wisk downhill and I even rode down SEVERAL hills without gripping my brakes! And I rode up all the hills...not at a lightning fast speed, but I did it. I rode up one hill with two kids - seriously, they were like 12 and 14. We were a team. And that's what makes these kinds of rides so awesome.

Oh, and I learned to troubleshoot a bike emergency and I succeeded. My gears locked up. And since Greg had flown down the hill, he was nowhere to be found. I pulled over the the side, played around with my chain a bit until I figured out how "those parts work" and before I knew it, I was up and running. And boy did I have a lot of chain grease on my hands. Poor Violet, she looks like she got into a fight with preschool painters!

At the finish line, I asked some random stranger to take our picture. I told him where to tap on my iPhone to take the picture. He was completely insulted (but a good sport) and told me that he actually had an iPhone, too. Oh well, at least he snapped a nice pic of me and the hubs.

The finish line food was awesome - I had the veggie wrap, Greg had the pulled pork and we both had corn on the cob - Mmmmmm. Before departing, we picked up our "to go" ears of corn and sailed back to the parking lot. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

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