Monday, August 15, 2011

OST Begins Today

Operation Strength Training (OST) officially begins today. In my quest for fall PRs, I know I have to strength train. In my past training plans, I have always made sure I log in my log runs. But I've been lax in building up arm and leg strength, both of which are key to building speed. Fortunately, I have found two different 15-20 minute plans, one incorporating weights and medicine ball and the other incorporating yoga moves using your body as resistance. And I like doing both of them. So I have penciled in four weekly sessions, alternating between the two plans. Since each plan is short in time, I can do them while Bridget is watching a Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony and never be missed!

So what's your secret to fitting in strength training?


  1. It was running a local par course, but I've gotten away from that. Maybe I need to get back there. Good luck. Cheers!

  2. I am kinda hooked on my weekly monster mile. I can run up all the stairs both sets of stands now but there is still so much room left for improvement, I am going to keep at it for awhile. I figure it also helps with faster, stonger leg turnover too....

  3. I suck at weight training. I try to mix in a bit each evening while the kids are taking baths, but I'm not at all consistent...