Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn Bucket List Progress

In September, I posted our family's Autumn Bucket List. It's been so much fun checking to-do items off this list!

So far, we have:

Gone Apple Picking at Patterson Fruit Farm and visited their Pumpkin Patch

Carved a pumpkin

Made Fall Cookies (pre-made Pillsbury count, right?)

Took a nature walk (and got to pick up one of those Horseapples)

Went trick or treating and entered a Trick or Trot race

And now, we can add having a "Photoshoot in a Leaf Pile, then jumping in" to our list!

Maybe this weekend, we'll have to tackle baking pies and s'mores and, if the weather allows, squeeze in an outdoor picnic!


  1. yeah what a fun fall list so far!! we didn't have leaves or pumpkins in miami this year, was a very weird fall for this midwest girl

  2. Pilsbury total counts as homemade. Love the pics.