Saturday, November 5, 2011

Retiring an Old Friend

We all have wardrobe pieces that we hate to give up - something that either holds special memories or is so instrumental to your success as an athlete. For me, it was my armband. I have used this darn thing for 2 years, wearing it during almost every race I entered. The first time it started falling apart was at the Stowe 8-Miler in July 2010. I went to the medical tent to ask for tape and got lectured on how runners shouldn't be listening to music while running due to the safety risk. I carried my phone, not for music, but in case my daughters had an emergency back in the hotel room. I didn't need a lecture on safety - I'm old enough to know that - doy! Eventually, I started using duct tape...because duct tape is like miracle tape.. Then, during my Alaska race, the duct tape started having more and more trouble sticking. I just couldn't give up the armband yet - it had never given up on me. But with 5 races in October, the armband needed to be retired. I loved that thing :)

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  1. I get attached to my running shoes. I run in them until they are literally falling apart (and smelling pretty dead too). So I understand this. RIP Robin's Armband.