Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pretty Good Week, and You?

Not a bad week for fitness here at the casa. Managed to sneak in two lunchtime runs as well as a longish run on Sunday, banking 12 miles for the week. Biked around the block with my girls and even met up with one of Bridget's friends and her mother on our ride. Enjoyed a yoga class Saturday afternoon with Megan, and learned that I have let my core go to hell. Holding a plank nearly killed me. And my down dog? Geesh, heels no where near the floor. Got lots of work to do! But five days of activity makes me one happy girl!

And we're getting back to eating cleaner here. Meg and I are trying to limit our "processed" foods and up our fruits and veggies. We've even decided to adopt the Meatless Mondays movement. Got some great ideas and I think we're leaning toward a nice frittata with fresh fruit this Monday. Mmmm - sounds good!

Enjoy the week!

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