Monday, May 21, 2012

National Bike to Work Day

May is Bike to National Bike Month with Friday, May 18 being designated as National Bike to Work Day. Since I hadn't biked to work yet this year, I figured, "Sure, I can handle that!" Whew...I handled it, but it was a looonnnggg ride!

Best part: Bridget wanted to ride her bike to preschool and she shaved 15 minutes off her 2.5 mile ride from last year! Woohoo - my little girl has the determination of Lance Armstrong and the legs of Jan Ulrich! So proud.

And I got to enjoy all the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Metroparks. Going home was another story. The saddle seat made, ahem, quite an impression on my body, which meant the ride home was a wee bit less comfortable than the ride to work. I think I'll designate Fridays as my bike to work day and, hopefully, I'll hope to build up these legs in time to do the Eddy's Sweet Corn Challenge 50-mile ride the end of July.

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