Monday, March 4, 2013

Meatless Monday: Egg Salad Bento Box Lunch

Health lunches are challenging for me. Lately, I've been eating McDougall's soups, low in sodium, but taste outstanding.  Sometimes, if I'm thinking ahead, I'll fix a turkey sandwich with spinach leaves and pack a yogurt.  When I came across a link on Eating Well for health lunches, of course I clicked.  I love this egg salad idea and turning your lunch into a fiesta of flavors. 

How yummy looking is this? Just spoon some egg salad into a lettuce leaves, add a couple pieces of cocktail bread along with crunchy veggies. Toss your bananas and blueberries in yogurt to prevent the bananas from going bad. Add in a few little chocolate chips and almonds or pistachios for "dessert" and you have a wonderfully satisfying, healthy (and meatless!) lunch.


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