Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My New Fitness Item: the FlipBelt

For my birthday, my youngest daughter (with Greg's help, of course) bought me the Flip Belt.  I recently had the opportunity to wear it during the St. Malachi 5-mile race and I am happy to report that I loved it!

I was a bit worried at first.  I've tried different water bottle styles during half and full marathon training and I keep going back to my 2005 model that doesn't ride or slip.  I was concerned that the Flip Belt would slip or bunch up or, worse yet, slide up until it looked like it became one with my bra's underwire. Fortunately, it stayed put, was incredibly comfortable, and even a bit stylish.  And no, it did not look like a modern day fannypack - thank goodness!

Mine is dark gray, which blends in nicely with all running clothes.  It fit my iPhone and ID.  I didn't carry my keys, but it will be nice to use when traveling as it will also easily fit my hotel key.  The picture shows that it fits gels, money, keys, ID and your phone.  One of the things I did like is that my phone didn't act like it was going to fall below my knees.  The support in the Fuel Belt kept my iPhone from bouncing or sagging.  I give this new fitness item an A!

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