Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atlantis Vacation: Part Two

Warning: Long Post! Read at your own risk!

Atlantis was a week of wonderful sun, food and family time. Our flight was pretty uneventful and landed on time in Nassau. The cab ride from the airport to the resort was enjoyable because we got to sit back and take in all the beauty of the island (even though we were driving on the wrong side of the road). Upon arrival at Harborside Resort we checked into our villas. Wow - fantastic accommodations with an equally great view. The kids were anxious for some pool time before dinner so off we went. Sunday dinner was at Mosiac, which would be our best dinner place by far. Sushi, fresh grilled vegetables, wonderfully prepared meats, amazing salad ingredients and a yummy dessert bar. I wished I had snapped pics of this culinary piece of heaven! Below is a great picture of the family taken by Kim after dining at Mosiac!

Monday started with an early cab ride to the grocery store with Kim for breakfast, lunch and snack items. Very strange experience. Our cab driver insisted on coming inside and pushing the grocery cart for us. After $235 later for $7 milk, bread, waffles, snacks and pasta (seriously, we didn't cart home that much!), we left the grocery store only to be told that our 20 minute roundtrip cab ride (and our cabbie's grocery cart time) was $55! After that gouging, I was definitely in need of a good run. So off Greg, Kim and I went for a 3-4 mile run exploring Atlantis. Came back, hooked up with Meg and Bridget and the four of us took off to get "mommy's starbucks". Too much pool time today because we all got the ouchies from the sun! Dinner was at Bimini Road - food was so-so, but the mojitos were magical! So perfect that we would stop back throughout the week to get our mojito fix.

Since B got up so early on Tuesday, the 3 of us headed out for more exploring and let Meg sleep in (after all, it was vacation!). We walked around the marina checking out the yachts (Gallant Lady, Blind Date), the casino, shops, the Cove. Royal Towers and the ocean. We decided on pool tine near Dolphin Cay since we were scheduled for the 4pm dolphin interaction. The kids waterpark was cool and B and Ben couldn't get enough of the water!
The dolphin interaction was a must-do activity! Each of us got to pet and kiss our dolphin Kelly. For dinner, we kept it simple with pizza back in the room. So much fun! A funny note about Tuesday: Meg and I kept trying to get some computer time. The lobby had 2 computers with a 15-minute time limit. Each time we tried to get online Tuesday, we would have to wait behind the "skinny bitches". Funny thing, we saw these 2 waifs EVERYWHERE we went at the resort!

My best morning run was Wednesday. Greg, Kim and I tackled the Paradise Island Bridges. Each loop was 1.75 miles and we knocked out 3 steep, long, hilly loops! Afterwards, mommy needed her Starbucks fix so Greg gave Meg and I a little girly time while he and B went to the pool and raceway.
Later we all joined back together for lunch at the Lagoon Bar & Grille and to walk trhough the Predator Tunnel - very cool! Bridget and Cousin Ben enjoying one of the fish exhibits
Dinner was at Carmine's for family-style Italian with delish veal and pasta dishes and yummy breads (love my carbs!). After dinner, the kids joined in the music at the marina playing drums and dress up.
Thursday was a much-needed lazy day. Spent a little time at the ocean making sand castles, but tried to take it easy and limit the sun. Megan and Greg got their adventure fix by going down the Leap of Faith!
Checked out an early movie (astro boy) with the kids - mmmm popcorn! Had dinner at Murray's Deli where Bridget had her face painted with a pink giraffe!painted giraffe in her favorite color, pink
On our last full day, we had breakfast at the Royal Towers next to the fishes. This was Meg's big treat/request. I'm not sure who ate more: Meg or Bridget! After we toured the Dig, which was amazing with stunning views of tropical fish.

For our last night we dined buffet-style at Seagrapes restaurant so we could check out the stingrays and turtles. Meg then graciously gave Greg and I an hour to go to Mesa grill for drinks and some adult time. Mesa is one of our fav places in Vegas and the Atlantis version didn't disappoint. It was nice to have a good glass of Cabernet and people watch from the bar. Perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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