Monday, April 12, 2010

Week in Review 4/5-4/11 & Atlantis Part One

This week is proof that you can still train for a marathon while on vacay. Week in Review 4/5-4/11:

Monday - 3.5 mile run around Atlantis resort with Greg and Kim - what a great way to get to know the grounds.  The elevens in 6:57 - I actually did 5 man pushups!!   

Beautiful view from our room

Tuesday - 2 hour walk around resort for about 4 miles. Got up at 7 am with Bridget. 4 miles might be on the low end. We tried to let Meg sleep. Not walking THAT long in flip flops ever again...ever!
Love this family vacation picture

Wednesday - 3-1.75 mile loops over both bridges on Paradise Island plus additional flat mile to Starbucks & back for much needed coffee! Wow, no kidding that the bridges are steep. I found the first bridge steeper than the second, but the incline on the second lasted longer. It was still pretty damn cool to tackle both bridges THREE times!

Paradise Island Bridges

Thursday - 2 mile walk around resort.  We made a point to walk whenever we could rather than to take the shuttle, unless B was tired. In that case, since she's about 40# and tough to carry long distances, the shuttle was sometimes the smart choice!

Friday - swam laps for about 300m give or take.  Without goggles, I am a train wreck. I can't even tell you the number of laps I swam on a diagonal! My father always said I ran like a Singer Sewing Machine on zigzag stitch. My swim line is worse than my running. Still, I really enjoyed being in the pool everyday with the sun shining warmly on me (yes, of course I was slathered in sunscreen!). 

Saturday - flight back home. 

Sunday - long run! I tried to run consistent or even splits on my 20-miler. This time around training-wise, I'm trying to get in at least four-20 mile runs so that I don't fall apart in the June marathon. Today's run showed my workouts are paying off. I kept a steady 5mph pace and finished in 4 hours. (My race day goal is to run at a steady 5.5mph rate.) What felt good about this is that I know I can go a little faster race day. What felt bad is that I still don't have the food thing down and spent the last 3-4 miles with stomach discomfort. I just don't like gels (Gu) and have got to quit using them. I also don't stomach the sweetness of Gatorade. I might try Nuun on my next run to drink. Sour gummy worms are great but, come on, they lack in any nutritional value (although I do love them!). Fortunately, I have about 10 weeks till race day. Total miles for the week (walking/running): 35.5 miles.

On the agenda for Monday: yoga and new shoes! Can't wait!

Atlantis Trip Summary Part Two with the dolphins within the next day or two.

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