Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feeling Centered

It's only Wednesday and I am feeling relaxed and all body parts are feeling recovered. Yesterday I attended an Ashtanga yoga class. I left class feeling so centered and balanced (translation: too tired to lift my arms or get out of my chair) that I didn't even feel the slight bit stressed or frustrated sitting through a day long union contract negotiations session. Amazing. This morning I contemplated canceling my pre-paid hot powerful yoga session due to the early morning time of 6am. Glad I didn't (and glad i pre-paid!). It was challenging and exhausting, but damn if the coffee didn't taste better after a nice hard session (t.w.s.s.). Another added benefit of this morning's class is I found another instructor I really enjoy.

Even better, my Achilles is no longer feeling sore and stressed. It's been difficult not running. I've been like that dog in "Up", but instead of saying "squirrel", my family just has to say "runner" and I stop dead in my tracks and stare!

Tomorrow is my 8th consecutive Cleveland Turkey Trot. I'm only running the mile with B in the jogging stroller (she's too young to resist my co-opting skills), so I'll get a sense of how well the healing (or heeling lol) is going.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Great post - love the dog from Up analogy. I hope your heel stops giving you trouble soon.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the heel holds up to the trot!

    I miss yoga!!!