Saturday, May 7, 2011

First (Real) Long Run of the Year

Just knocked out an 8 miler bright and early. I smiled the entire run, said hello to strangers and even took a picture of ducks as if it was the first time I saw wildlife. I was happy to be out there running. There was no speed and even though I walked one minute after each mile (to reduce strain to the knee), I still managed to hit 12:00 minute miles. Plenty of room for improvement, but if I'm going to build mileage for the upcoming June half marathon, then I also have to be smart about it. Beautiful day today and I ended the week logging in 20 miles!

Favorite running music today - the Foo Fighters latest!

Oh, the best reward to a long run: sampling Willoughby Brewing's Peanut Butter Coffee Porter on tap at Happy Dog tonight!

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