Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cycling to Work

Now that the thunderstorms and rain clouds are no longer taking up residence in my little town on a daily basis, I can start cycling to work. My commute is a very doable 15 miles each way, but after making this trip a couple times already this year, I find good clothing and equipment more and more a necessity - no longer a luxury. Tonight, we all four walked up to Century Cycles to pick up some much-needed gear. I can't wait to wear my new cycling skort, which will double as my work skirt - shhh don't tell my coworkers.

I also picked up an affordable pair of Avenir cycling gloves made by Raleigh. I always thought gloves were for pretentious cyclists...until my hands got super-tired-sore from my last ride. So yeah, they're a bit more necessary now.

So here's hoping for sunshine and 70s - great cycling weather for my ride in to work!

1 comment:

  1. I myself am wishing for 70s! It was 95 degrees here and yes I ran in it like the very sexy smart person I am. I love the skort. It is also sexy smart, and I would wear it to work often (after driving there). :-)