Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First DNS

Today was the Cleveland Rite Aid marathon, half marathon and 10k. I was originally signed up for the 10k race. But after spending 6 days experiencing all the joys that rotavirus has to offer, I decided today would not be my day to run a 10k. Best. decision. ever. Feeling like a new person this afternoon and I've had the best 6 hours of my entire week. I'm on the mend.

Hopefully I'll have more to report this week on multi-discipline training. I am scheduled to swim 3 days, run 3 days and bike 2 days. I'll swim during my lunch hours, run during the evenings with Bridget in the stroller or Jameson on his leash, and hopefully bike to work at least one of the days and maybe a nice long ride with Greg on Saturday.

So what exciting kind of schedule do you have this week?

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