Friday, September 30, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

When you think about it, your children reveal alot about you. Whether you were a tough love parent. If you babied your kids. Do they have a good sense of humor and coping skills. Or did you allow technology to let vital skills slip from their fingertips. I am guilty of all these. But this week was especially comical...

Case in point #1: I was working with Bridget on what letter does a word begin with. She brought me in a leaf (I have more leaves in my house than the Metropark has!). I asked her what letter does LEAF begin with? I then sound it out - la, la, la, la. To which she replies, "it begins with a song?"

Case #2: Megan is putting together college applications and requests for recommendations. These requires a stamped envelope. She looks at me and asks for confirmation, "the stamp goes on the top right?" At first I was stunned, but then I realized that she is the queen of texting and probably hasn't personally sent snail mail.

So there you have it. Parenting at it's finest! Have a great weekend!

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